Nicholas is a child who has a lot of energy. If not kept busy the energy turns aggressive and becomes difficult. When Nicholas started with Rainbow Club he needed to learn how to save himself, how to swim and how to deal with his energy. His zero level of fear meant safety was a priority.

Arthur is his swim teacher. He took Nicholas under his wing and taught him so much. When they decided to swim the Malabar Magic their training increased and began swimming laps. On the day of the swim Arthur told me that he would take care of Nicholas and he definitely came good. He did not let Nicholas out of his sight the whole time.

It was incredible for Nicholas to have successfully completed the swim, as it has been such a hard slog to get to this point. The first thing Nicholas said after he crossed the line was “I did it! Mum, I really did it! It was very exciting.”

By: Carla, Nicholas’s mum
Image: Nicholas with his teacher Arthur at the 2015 Malabar Magic

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