Congratulations to all our Rainbow Clubs for a great first Safety Week of 2020!

Northmead Rainbow Club had a special visitor on 7th March to help with our Safety Week activities as you will see from the photos! Laurie Lawrence’s Kids Alive program generously gave us a gift pack for all our swimmers and sent hand puppets and the huge Wise Owl as a special bonus. There’s no doubt that the kids loved him!

Why is Safety Week important to have as a regular event?
For many of our new families this is their first introduction to the concept of rescues, so it’s vital to give parents and siblings some tips on how they can react in an emergency! Also some of our members don’t like to hold equipment so learning how they can be towed to safety is an important skill, and repetition is required to enable this to become familiar.

Parents, teachers and children all participated in a variety of rescue activities – reach rescues with a hand or a noodle, plus throw rescues where parents tossed (underarm!) a kickboard or noodle to their child so they could kick or float to the side of the pool.

For many this was the first time they had ever participated in such activities! It was tricky at first, but with patience and a few go’s everyone improved.

Many thanks to:

  • The Northmead Rainbow Club team of Liam, Lachlan and Byrne who guided the activities beautifully, making adjustments for each different child
  • The parents and family members who participated in the activities
  • Kids Alive for the gifts, and Wise Owl for enjoying all the photos!
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