Rainbow Club Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Simone Sandyford

Simone started working as an Inpool Volunteer at Warringah Rainbow Club in August 2017, at the age of 15, as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award requirements. Upon completion of the award Simone continued to volunteer every Sunday until July 2019 when she was accepted into Rainbow Club’s Train to Teach program. Simone finished her AUSTWIM qualification and started teaching at Warringah Term 1 this year.

During Simone’s time as a volunteer she swam and helped in raising funds at Malabar Magic in 2018, as part of a youth group, and in 2019 in one of the two Warringah Rainbow Club teams.

“Simone was always an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer. Since gaining her qualification Simone has become a very confident and competent swimming teacher. Simone is popular with the children, their parents and the other teachers. We are very lucky to have her as part of our club.” – Cathy Bray, Lead Teacher of Warringah Rainbow Club

Simone is now undertaking a double diploma in Architecture and Civil Engineering at university whilst teaching on weekends at Rainbow Club.

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