Rainbow Club had its yearly Teacher Connect and Lead Teacher Meetings on Sunday, 17th January.

This yearly Teacher Connect a chance for all our teachers to get together, share and learn from each other and to obtain some Professional Development. Rainbow Club values and invests in its teachers. We ensure that free Professional Development is offered every year to enable our teachers to learn and grow.

The day started off with just lead teachers and Rainbow Club Staff. This was a great session with lots of training and discussions to ensure that the lead teachers have what they need to deliver the best Rainbow Club experience yet. It’s truly inspiring listening to our amazing Lead Teachers sharing and learning from each other.

After the Lead Teacher session, more of our teachers arrived. Spaces were limited this year and just 30 lucky teachers were able to participate! Our teachers were provided Key Word Sign training from Tanya Jarvis, KWS Presenter. They will now bring this amazing skill back to their clubs to use with members who may need this extra form of communication to understand their Rainbow Club instruction.

“The presentation on Sunday, by Key Word Sign Australia, was just brilliant. Very interesting and fun. Everyone had a laugh and learnt new skills to enhance their communication when engaging with people with a disability. Exciting to put these new skills in practice in the pool at Rainbow Club ! Would highly recommend everyone to participate in this well facilitated presentation.” – Kelly Charlton, Lead Teacher at Campbelltown Rainbow Club


“I am so thankful to Tanya for teaching us the alphabet and key word signs relevant to our swimming lessons. I have often wondered how I should reply when my students sign “thank you” to me at the end of our lesson. I am so excited to now be able to sign back to them “thank you for swimming with me””. -Jolanda Jarman, Teacher at Penrith Rainbow Club

We can’t wait to see our Teachers use this amazing new skill in the pool!

Click Here to see a video of the Key Word Sign training

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