Rainbow Club COVID Response Plan


It is very important that everybody follows our guidelines below to ensure all the Rainbow Clubs remain safe and healthy.

Before you come to Rainbow Club 

  • If you are eligible, please ensure you have received a double COVID vaccination as recommended by NSW Health. You will not be permitted to enter a Rainbow Club unless you comply with health regulations.
  • Please do not attend if your child (or any immediate family members) is feeling unwell
  • Please notify your Club Committee if you cannot attend
  • Sanitise your hands before and after visiting Rainbow Club

When you arrive at your local Rainbow Club

  • Wear a mask when it is required by NSW Health regulations
  • You must have your attendance and recorded by your teacher
  • Check in using a QR code if this is a requirement at your pool
  • Adhere to current social distancing rules

We hope everyone continues to stay safe and enjoys their time with Rainbow Club. If Rainbow Club is advised of any user or attendee at any pool who has tested positive to COVID-19, communication will go out immediately to notify all teachers, families and pool hirers.