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Weekly Swimming Classes

Rainbow Club provides personalised swimming through our unique Swim the Rainbow program. Swim the Rainbow allows each child to progress at their own pace. Classes are held once a week for 9 weeks during each school term.

A supervising adult must be present during all classes.

View our Swim the Rainbow program on the pooldeck during classes or visit our Programs page.

When You Cannot Attend?

We understand that sometimes a child will be unable to attend a class. If this happens, use your Parent Portal to let your Club know as soon as possible. This way, another child can enjoy the class and our teachers are not left idle. If your child is absent for 3 or more classes in any one term without prior notice being given of the intention to miss class, their place will be allocated to a child on the waiting list.

*Please note that refunds are not issued for non-attendance.


Let’s Swim the Rainbow!


Your First Day at Rainbow Club

The lead teacher of your club will conduct an induction with the parent/carer to review your Rainbow Start form to learn more about your child. If possible, please bring an additional parent/carer to assist with supervision during this time. For everyone’s benefit our Clubs operate in an environment free from discrimination, financial, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect, discrimination or exploitation.

What to Wear

All children must wear swimmers and a rash top, and if necessary an aqua nappy. Children who are not yet toilet trained should have both an aqua nappy and a Swim Nappy to minimise the effects of any accidents. Accidents can result in the closure of the pool and termination of classes for the day which may affect other children’s class and is disappointing for everyone.


As much as possible, pools used by Rainbow Club have wheelchair access ramps, hoists or walk in entry.

Make Up Classes

Unfortunately, in the event of an unforeseen access problem or event at your local Club, Rainbow Club cannot always promise a makeup class. This may be due to access issues at the pool or securing the services of our teachers outside of normal Club hours.

Pool Rules

Rainbow Club students must adhere to the rules and regulations displayed at each pool. In addition, it is Rainbow Club policy that a supervising adult be present for the duration of each class and parents are responsible for their children at any time they are not in the pool. Generally, parents or siblings are not allowed in the pool while Rainbow Club classes are in progress. If in doubt about pool rules, ask your Club Manager or Scheduler. Tip: If your child needs time to change clothing, come a little earlier to allow them to receive the most out of the class.


Policy and Procedures

Compliments and Complaints

We welcome feedback because it’s great to know when we are doing something well, and important to know when something needs improving. All our Club Committees are run by volunteers and we ask parents to respect their commitment and time. Visit our website to see our Policy and Procedures or provide us any compliments or complaints here.


You can find our Incident Report Form on our website here. In the event of an incident please complete and submit this form. Rainbow Club’s CEO is responsible for ensuring all incidents are managed appropriately and any course of action will be followed accordingly. This will depend on the nature of the incident.

Privacy, Student Records and Access to Information

Rainbow Club is committed to protecting and upholding the right to privacy of students, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders. Rainbow Club Australia only collects and stores personal information that is necessary for the function of the organisation and its activities. Visit our website for our Privacy Policy. Rainbow Club Australia will only provide the students information to Emergency Services in the case it is required for medical attention.

Students Rights

For everyone’s benefit our Clubs operate in an environment free from discrimination, financial, sexual physical or emotional abuse. We protect and promote the human rights of students and their cultural and linguistic needs. We acknowledge their right to self determination and freedom of expression while always having regard to our duty of care and the comfort and safety of other students. We support students’ right to advocacy to ensure their rights are safeguarded. If you are in need of an advocate, you can use the Disability Advocacy Finder.


We hope everyone continues to stay safe and enjoys their time with Rainbow Club. If Rainbow Club is advised of anyone at any pool who has tested positive to COVID-19, communication will go out immediately to notify all teachers, families and pool hirers.

The Rainbow Club team

You can view our team by going to our website



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