Payment Authorisation:
By enrolling in Rainbow Club Australia, you authorise us to initiate monthly direct debits from the provided bank account or credit/debit card for the agreed-upon amount.

Billing Cycle:
Payments will be debited on the date of each month that you did your first payment for the upcoming month’s membership. (i.e.. if you have paid on 7th February, the next payment will be on 7th March). The billing cycle will continue until the termination of services.

Fee Structure:
The monthly fee for your annual monthly membership is $125/mth. Any additional charges, such as late fees or returned payment fees, will be specified in the Fee Schedule provided by EziDebit.

Changes to Fees:
Rainbow Club Australia reserves the right to adjust fees with a one month notice to members. Notice of fee changes will be provided via email communication.

Cancellation Policy:
To cancel or suspend your membership, a written notice must be provided one month before the next billing cycle. Failure to provide timely notice may result in charges for the upcoming month. Please contact Member Services on

Refunds will only be issued in exceptional circumstances, as determined by Rainbow Club Australia. No refunds will be given for missed lessons or cancellations made after the specified deadline.

Returned Payments:
A fee of $9.90 (see Ezidebit fees) will be charged for any returned or declined payments. If your payment is declined, enrolment of your membership may be suspended until outstanding payments are resolved, you have two weeks to resolve the issue before cancellation of your membership. After the first missed payment the system will automatically retry 3 business days after the initial attempt.

Make-Up Lessons:
Make up classes will be offered, when possible, where an event outside our control occurs. However, we cannot guarantee make up classes as Rainbow Club may not have access to pool space and/or teachers may not be available.

Termination of Services:
Rainbow Club reserves the right to terminate services for any reason, including but not limited to, non-compliance with policies, or failure to make timely payments. Absences of 3 weeks or more with no explanation will result in forfeiting of your membership. The place will be offered to an applicant on the waiting list.

Parent or Carers are responsible for keeping Rainbow Club informed of any changes to contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers and/or change to payment details.

Families are required to inform their Lead teacher or Development Manager of any planned extended absences (due to holiday, therapy or illness) so that casual classes can be offered to an applicant on the waiting list.

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