With a heavy heart, we say goodbye to our dear friend, Olympian, Coach, MC, advocate and all-around good bloke Neil Rogers.

His name surfaces with resounding admiration and respect in the depths of Australia’s aquatic legacy. A leader in the swimming community, his indelible mark extends far beyond the lanes of Olympic pools, encompassing a profound dedication to community, inclusivity, and the sheer joy of swimming.

Neil was a great friend of the Rainbow Club and sat at the heart of The Malabar Magic Ocean Swim legacy. This annual event, which he promoted, championed, coached, and MC’d for many years, is a vibrant tapestry of camaraderie and sportsmanship, much like the man himself. Here, seasoned swimmers, novices and Rainbow Club children converge to test their endurance in the waters of Malabar Bay, each stroke echoing Neil’s spirit of perseverance and joy. No one will forget the resounding voice on the beach as he interviewed VIP guests and encouraged swimmers of all abilities over the finish line whilst sharing the message of Rainbow Club with the masses. Even through times of illness, he has given his time and support to our cause.

Neil’s passion for swimming extended deep into Rainbow Club Australia, which is committed to providing swimming lessons for children and young adults with a disability. Neil’s coaching and mentorship of our Malabar Magic swimmers helped raise much-needed funds to continue the growth of Rainbow Club’s mission, for which we are forever grateful. His dedication and encouragement were boundless, empowering numerous young swimmers to surpass societal limitations and embrace the limitless potential of the water.

“Neil always made himself availble as a Malabar Magic Announcer and the Malabar Magic Swim Clinics which were held at Boy Charlton pool in the lead up to the main Ocean Swim. His can do attitude and friendly smile made everyone feel welcome. Put simply he was just a great bloke that wanted verybody to enjoy swimming, including the very special Rainbow Club chidlren.” Rob Lloyd OAM Rainbow Club Vice President and Malabar Magic event director.

Neil Rogers, though no longer with us, leaves a legacy that inspires all who dream of conquering the waters. His spirit lives on with every stroke, splash, and shared moment of triumph, a testament to the transformative power of swimming. It unites, uplifts, and inspires us all. Today, we honour Neil Rogers not only for his achievements in the pool but also for the profound impact he made on the lives of generations of Rainbow Club swimmers. Our heart goes out to his family and the endless community of people he came into contact with. Rest in peace, Neil. You will be missed by all.

Pictured above are Mike Whitney, Neil Rogers & Roy Slavin at Malabar Magic, the day it became The Malabar Magic!

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