Screening Questions

Rainbow Club COVID-19 Screening Questions

  1. All members and accompanying adults are to stop at the screening point and wait until their lesson time
  2. Only members and accompanying adults for that time slot are to be allowed to enter
  3. Ask members and accompanying adults to clean their hands with hand sanitizer provided
  4. Screen everyone before they enter (member & accompanying adult)
    • For members and accompanying adults who appear to be ill, screen for fever using thermometer. Any temperature of 37.5C or above is a fever
    • Screening Questions
      • Have you or any family member been overseas in the last 14 days?
      • Have you or any family member visited Victoria in the last 14 days?
      • Have you or any family member attended any of the reported case locations listed on the NSW Health website?

      Have you or any family member had contact with anyone who has Coronavirus?

      • Do you have any of the following symptoms;
        • cough
        • sore throat
        • shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
        • loss of taste
        • loss of smell
        • fatigue
        • runny nose
        • muscle pain
        • joint pain
        • diarrhoea
        • nausea/vomiting or loss of appetite
  1. If they answer NO to every question allow entry
  2. Anyone who answers YES to any question or has a FEVER is to be refused entry (including anyone who is accompanying them)
  3. Anyone refused entry is NOT to be allowed to enter in any future weeks until they can provide evidence of a negative result from Covid-19 swab or until 14 days has passed (Minimum 2 weekends after the week they were refused entry).
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