Meet Ethan and Isaac

Ethan and Isaac started at our newest Rainbow Club at Narellan in March and loved every minute. They did not want to get out of the pool at the end of their lesson.

Ethan and Isaac are brothers and both have complex disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Hyrrocephalus and both have Autism and a Global Developmental Delay. The result is the boys are heavy and activity is difficult for them.

“Rainbow Club gives my boys so much more than just swimming lessons. It’s exercise and a chance to mix with other children and families from similar backgrounds and in an environment free of judgement.” – Leanne, mother of Ethan and Isaac

They had been on the wait list since last July and had their first Rainbow Club experience at Campbelltown Summer Club over the school holidays and were excited to start at Narellan Rainbow Club when it opened in 2020.

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