Rainbow Club uses COVID-19 shutdown to Upskill Teachers

In these times of practicing social distancing, with all swimming pools closed Rainbow Club teachers took to their computers rather than the pool over the last 2 weekends for training.

On the first weekend they learnt some new skills around Challenging Behaviour and the use of Visual Aid cards. Some of the most popular Visual Aid cards are “Monkey Monkey”, “Kicking” and of course the “Games” card.

The second weekend was all about the Swim the Rainbow Program and Social Participation. There was discussion around how more social activities can be incorporated in our clubs as we are not just a swim school, we are a “Social swimming club”.

With over 70 teachers attending on each of the weekends it was a great success. Training consisted of some great presentations by Nicola Davies-Cooke, video clips and of course an online quiz. You couldn’t stop the chatter in the chat box as the teachers shared ideas and feedback. The teachers all agreed it was a great way to get together and learn in these very challenging times. There was also a very popular guest speaker Matt Levy who joined for a ½ hour talk on what it’s like to be a Paralympian. He also discussed his challenges with the Paralympics being postponed and how swimmers are going to train with pools closed.

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