Rainbow Club Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Jodie Alford

The Rainbow Club Committee are a group of volunteers (mainly parents from each Club) who work as a team to lead their Club to be a major part of the community and to provide a much needed service for children with a disability and their families.

Jodie Alford has been the Scheduler at Campbelltown Rainbow Club since 2015. She presented with the Gold Aqua Volunteer Award at Rainbow Connect in 2018 for all the amazing effort, time and dedication she has given.

“Jodie Alford is an outstanding Volunteer at Rainbow Club Campbelltown. Her heartfelt connection to both the parents and children is just amazing. Going above and beyond to ensure everyone has a great swimming experience at the Rainbow Club. Her tireless effort to ensure the club is run smoothly is impeccable. Jodie is the heart of the Rainbow Club! Campbelltown.”  – Kelly Charlton, Lead Teacher Campbelltown Rainbow Club

Each Rainbow Club has a committee of Club Manager, Club Scheduler and Club Social Coordinator. If you would like to find out more about Rainbow Club Committee’s see our Committee page and you can email your local club at clubname@myrainbowclub.org.au (ie. bondi@myrainbowclub.org.au)

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