Welcome Back!

Rainbow Club to reopen on the weekend of 25/26th July


This may vary from Club to Club and will depend on:

  • each pool hirer being ready with safe practices trialled and tested; and
  • Rainbow Club having its Committees and new Schedules in place

Your local Club Committee will advise the reopening details for your club.

25th July – 9th August
The first 3 weeks will be Make Up lessons to compensate for those cut short in Term 1 when we had to close quite suddenly
15th August – 11th October
Term 3 (9 weeks) will commence and operate through the October School Holidays
17th October – 13th December
Term 4 (9 weeks)

Each Rainbow Club will be equipped with products and instructions that comply with Dept of Health guidelines to ensure the protection of members, teachers and families.

If Rainbow Club is advised of any user or attendee at any pool getting COVID-19, communication will go out immediately to notify all teachers, families and pool hirers.

All members were sent an email with complete details. To view the full details click here


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