Joshua is a member of the Warringah Rainbow Club. He has been swimming there since 2016.

The last few terms Joshua has finally started to make real progress with his arms in swimming. At first he was very reluctant to use his arms at all, just his legs. Over time he moved to using just his one preferred arm all the time. But now he is using both arms and in a much more outstretched and pronounced way than ever before.

“The big windmill arms are here to stay now we hope”. – Jeff Rourke, father and Club Scheduler

With his arms and legs going now at the same time and not so much bending at the hip either side, he has made some very noticeable progress.

Joshua loves the water and feels very comfortable in the pool (with his full length wettie to keep the cold out).

“We practice outside the Sunday lessons too and you can regularly find Joshua with his younger brother Jordan, jumping into the salty pool at Fairlight each week, even when it has been a bit cold lately over winter.” – Jeff Rourke, father and Club Scheduler

Next skill to master will be better breathing as he still stops to take a breadth.

Watch Joshua swim

Well done Joshua! We love to hear the amazing progress that our Rainbow Club children are making.

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