Congratulations to Nicola Davies-Cooke who has been nominated for NSW AUSTSWIM Presenter of the Year Award.

Rainbow Club is very proud to have Nicola on our team. She is an educator, adviser and mentor to our teachers and is always available to give a helping hand, guidance or piece of advice.

Her energy and enthusiasm is a positive influence on all of us and her passion for the Aquatics industry in NSW is obvious to all who meet her.

Nicola started her Rainbow Club life as a teacher at Orange Rainbow Club. In 2015 she took on the role of Swimming Officer and immediately researched the many ways that she could help our teachers as they engaged in helping children with a disability learn to swim. She developed our Swim the Rainbow program and has worked hard since to embed its delivery in all our clubs. The Visual Aid Cards used by our teachers are a product of Nicola’s hard work and vision for helping children use swimming to change the lives of children with a disability

She has delivered Professional Development for Rainbow Club teachers each year at Rainbow Connect and this year excelled herself by delivering online training sessions for teachers via Zoom when teachers were in lockdown. In 2018 when we started our Train to Teach program, Nicola brought her training and presenting skills to the 27 trainees who were friends and family of Rainbow Club and she has continued to run this program since. She coaches, guides and helps train them through the course, work experience and the final assessment. Those who have completed the program and are now teaching with Rainbow Club are very grateful for Nicolas’s encouragement and motivation.

We wish Nicola well in the Awards on Thursday night. In our eyes she is a winner every time she helps our teachers achieve their best when they are in the pool with Rainbow Club.

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