4 members, 6 teachers and 2 volunteers made up the 2021 Magic Rainbows team. They made every club, every member and every volunteer very proud when they took to the water to swim the 1k race.

Rainbow Club Legend and Lead Teacher at Narellan Rainbow Club, raised $1,050 for his club, swam the 1k at Malabar and then headed back to his club to make sure lessons were going OK. And Ajay Denton and family from Newington College Rainbow Club became TV stars when Ajay took on the 1k accompanied by his cousin Kiera.

Hurstville was well represented with Josiah, Audrey, Andrew and their companion swimmers Steven, Jessica and Taylor. Warringah teachers were very well represented by Amelia, Kylie, Simone and Rebekah.

Patrick Bayliss was a great representative for Glenmore Park and Holsworthy clubs and did an amazing fundraising job for both clubs.

It was terrific that these teachers, members and volunteers showcased the work that we know happens in the pool every week and we thank them for being ambassadors for Rainbow Club. We also thank them for being amazing fundraisers, coming 3rd on the Malabar Magic Teams leader board. These clubs now have funds available for social participation activities in their club over the next year.


Keep watch of the Rainbow Club Facebook page as we will be posting pictures over the next few days!

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