It’s National Volunteer Week and Rainbow Club is fortunate to have many great volunteers on our Board and running our Clubs. We will be highlighting some of our amazing volunteers all week on social media as a way of acknowledging all they do and thanking them for their time and dedication.

Meet the committee volunteers who run Newington College Rainbow Club!

Steffi Paoletti is mum to to Chiara and is popular with all the families and members at the club. She greets them individually as they arrive every Saturday and is constantly thinking of ways to make the club a social hub for families.

Sharon is Mum to Ashton, Darcy, Kiara, Lincoln, Riley, Tyson, and Toby and runs the schedule for the club, a job that has been all the more challenging recently with a big teacher turnover. Both are busy ladies who do an amazing volunteer job.

Newington College Rainbow Club has been host to our last two Family Carnivals and the club has won the Ron & Lily Siddons Club of the Year award both times.  Thank You Steffi and Sharon!

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