With just under 2 weeks until my first competition in the Tokyo Paralympics, I am currently training in Cairns. I’m getting ready and acclimatising for the humidity of Japan. Whilst the environment is calm and training is easy to access, the games will be a bit different. We will be undertaking daily COVID tests while in the village and have access to team AUS areas only as part of the COVID protocol.

In a few days’ time, 18th August, we will make our way to Tokyo. We arrive about a week before the start so we will have time to familiarise ourselves with the surrounding environment. The flight will be about 6 hours from Cairns and once there will take approximately 6 hours for COVID process and village induction. This is all part of the experience, and I am excited to get started!

Rainbow Club will be cheering Matt on, see his full competition schedule so you can follow him as well!


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