Each year, Penrith Rainbow Club participates in the Penrith Panther’s “Tree of Hope”. Penrith Panthers invites 10 charities each year to decorate a tree each in their foyer. The aim of the event for these charities is to raise awareness of the incredible work that they do for the community. Members, the community, staff and Penrith Panther directors vote for their favourite tree from the 19th December through to the 20th December 2021.

Lead Teacher Cheryl Dorry, her daughter Natalie and Penrith Rainbow Club Teacher Jolanda enjoyed an afternoon of Christmas tree decorating Friday on behalf of Penrith Rainbow Club.

This year, they chose to decorate their tree as a rainbow with a pot of gold and a giant star on top to represent how special their swimmers are and how hard they work each week.

You can learn more at https://penrith.panthers.com.au/event/trees-of-hope/2021-11-22/

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