Kenton started swimming as a member of our Maroubra Rainbow Club in 2018. Right away, Kenton developed a close bond with his teacher Arthur who he describes as “always the coolest bruh in the room in his gold aviator Ray Bans and brilliant white smile”.

“During their lessons together, it is amazing how many stories of brotherhood and pearls of wisdom transpired in the pool in those 30 minutes’. Kenton ‘s anecdote is ‘What goes on in the pool stays in the pool’. But let’s just say Arthur has had a full life! “ – Julia, Kenton’s mum

Arthur inspired Kenton to push himself further, and Arthur’s answer to a seemingly impossible task is always “that’s alright, you can do it”. This was always said with a cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eye. This motivation and their close bond helped Kenton to achieve his goal and graduate from Rainbow Club’s Swim the Rainbow program.

Kenton is now in year 10 and has never forgotten his lessons with Arthur and the positive impact Rainbow Club has had on his life. Kenton approached Rainbow Club looking to be an inpool volunteer. He wanted to be a part of Rainbow Club again to give back to the community and help others have a similar experience to his.

Kenton has gone on to join our Train to Teach program, where he is currently completing his training hours with Arthur at Rainbow Club as well as at the University of NSW to become a qualified swim teacher with Rainbow Club.

Kenton is a great success story and an example for all Rainbow Club members of what can come after graduating from our Swim the Rainbow program.

We can’t wait to see Kenton teaching for Rainbow Club in the near future!

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